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For the past 20 years, Kimono House in New York has served thousands of customers.
Kimono House has been featured in the Sunday New York Times as well as in The Japan society publications and many other magazines.  Kimono House kimonos and Obi  have appeared in numerous movies, advertisements, fashion magazines throughout the world.  Many well known actors, musicians and dancers are repeat customers of Kimono House. 

Kimono House has been the kimono fashion consultant for a number Films and Magazine photo sessions well as providing dressing and styling services.

If you need to rent or purchase Kimono for your film or movie set, Kimono House can provide authentic period pieces for your needs.

If you are looking to purchase a beautiful  Japanese Kimono or Obi, you definitely want to visit Kimono House  131 Thompson Street, New York, NY 10012, located in SoHo.We have a unique and lovely selection of  new and vintage cotton and silk Kimono and Obi.   We speak both English and Japanese and can take the time to work with you to find the right Kimono and accessories.

Many people use our Kimono Dressing Services and if you have interest in learning we can provide both private lessons as well as a group Kimono Class here in Manhattan.

For Weddings, Special Occasions, Holidays, Trade Shows and Photo sessions,  we can provide complete Kimono Dressing, Rental and  Portrait Photography.  We also can provide you with hair styling to compliment your Kimono Dressing and Photography.
Family photography and individual photography in our studio is a specialty of ours when you use our Kimono Dressing Service.

Kimono House is located at 131 Thompson Street in Soho, New York City 10012 between Prince and Houston Streets.

By Subway: Take the C or E local to Spring Street. Walk East on Spring one block to the corner of Thompson Street, head North one block to Prince and cross the street heading to Houston. We are on the West Side of Thompson halfway between Prince and Houston. 131 Thompson Street, New York, NY 10012

Telephone: 212-505-0232


The Kimono House is located in Soho, New York City. For over 20 years in NY we have been the source for authentic Japanese Kimono, Japanese Yukata, Japanese Tabi, Japanese Obi. We are conveniently located in New York City in the Soho area and are one block from the subway.

Kimono House has a large selection of beautiful new and vintage Kimono from Japan for sale.

Kimono House also provides professional Kimono dressing and stylist services and we have many one of a kind wonderful and unusual gifts from Japan.

We are easy to find and are located at 131 Thompson Street in Soho, New York City.  Between Prince and Houston Streets.  Convenient to all subways and parking on street or garage nearby.  Our telephone number is 212-505-0232.

We also provide the following services and products:

  • Kimono Dressing
  • Kimono Lessons
  • Kimono Dressing for Weddings
  • Kimono Dressing for  special  occasions
  • Kimono Dressing for Movies and Stage
  • Kimono Dressing for Advertising
  • Kimono Stylist
  • Kimono Rentals
  • Expert Kimono consultant
  • Kimono Portrait photography
  • Kimono Photography
  • Vintage Kimonos for Rental
  • Vintage Kimonos for Art Display
  • Vintage Kimonos that you can purchase and wear
  • Vintage Kimono tops you can wear
  • Silk Kimonos for sale
  • Yukata, Obi, Tabi, Japanese Hair accessories
  • All Kimono accessories
  • Japanese Gifts
  • Mens Kimonos
  • Womens Kimonos
  • Geta and Japanese footwear
  • Tea Ceremony

Tea Ceremony:
Kimono House can supply you with the proper tea ceremony supplies, objects and items.

Call to discuss your requirements:

Tel: 212-505-0232