Vintage Kimono from Japan are here!

Buying Vintage Kimono from The Kimono House

It is our 15th year for our little store in New York and we are always excited when we have new inventory for our customers.

With that said, Vintage  Kimono are here in Soho, New York and we are very excited to have a great selection of gorgeous fabrics to dress our customers and models with!   The silk fabrics of our vintage kimono are truly amazing to look at and wear.  Buying a vintage kimono is a great way to enjoy a beautiful and unique aspect of Japanese art and history.

Most of our kimonos are very easy to wear or model and can have a simple sash instead of a more involved Obi (belt).  This is a great way wear your vintage kimono either in your home as a robe, out for a special occasion, dinner or event and also for a photo shoot.

The most beautiful vintage kimono fabrics are silk although some kimono are cotton, wool.

Kimono Dressing Services Available

Kimono Dressing is our specialty and if you are having a wedding or Photo Shoot or special occasion and want to be professionally dressed,  be sure to contact us.

We are open by appt during the summer

Be sure to give us a call!

Call us at 212-505-0232