Buy a Kimono in NY as a wedding gift, engagement gift or birthday gift.

 A kimono can be the perfect gift for your loved one.  Kimono House in New York City has a great selection of all types of beautiful and authentic Japanese Kimonos and robes.  From the lovely one of a kind vintage silk Kimono Jackets to full length silk or cotton robes.

Kimono Jackets are the perfect compliment to jeans or slacks and make wonderful quick outfit for going out in the evening.  These vintage silk Kimono Jackets make a great gift. We can easily get the right size for your recipient.

Our Kimono House Japanese cotton robes have wonderful Japanese prints that are colorfast and are soft and cool in the summer. These make great bathrobes or something really nice to wear at home when relaxing.

Kimono house has both new and vintage silk Kimonos and Yukatas (traditional cotton robes) in many patterns and varieties.

We hope you visit us when you are looking for a great birthday gift, wedding present, anniversary gift, engagement gift.

Kimono House has had a Kimono Shop in NYC for over 15 years and  has the selection, quality, experience to help you find the perfect gift.

Of course, you may just want to get a gift for yourself... so visit us in our Soho boutique today. 
Tel: 212-505-0232   We are very convenient to all the local subway trains and street or lot parking is available with a few minute walk to our shop.  You will enjoy the trendy Soho area we are located in also!