Table Runners from Obi at Kimono House

Vintage Obi make wonderful Table Runners. Over the years we have had numerous interior designers and private individuals select from our large collection of Vintage silk Obi to use as table runners. We have a large assortment of colors and patterns, all unique.  In addition, the fabric is usually quite strong and durable so Obi have also become the fabric of choice for various upholstery fashion ideas. Obi have been used as silk coverings for chairs, walls coverings in homes and also in restaurants.
Please stop by our Kimono shop in New York City to see our beautiful Vintage Silk Obi.
We are located between Prince and Houston Streets in SoHo, New York City.  Tel: 212-505-0232
This is a small section of an Obi used as a table runner.  The Obi are very long and wide silk belts originally used for Kimonos.   Please call Kimono House at 212-505-0232