Kimonos for Sakura Matsuri Festival

Are you planning on going to a Sakura Matsuri Festival?  If you are, you should be wearing a Kimono!  

The Brooklyn Botanical Garden Cherry Blossom Festival or "Sakura Matsuri Festival" for 2012 is held on April 28-29th. You can really enhance your enjoyment of the festival weekend by visiting Kimono House as soon as possible to find your wonderful spring Kimono to wear.  It is quite easy to pick out a beautiful kimono and  you can also find all the accessories at Kimono House such as traditional Japanese Footwear (Geta, Setta), Obi (belt) and of course we have all the other traditional items.  

Call Kimono House at 212-505-0232 in Soho, New York City to purchase your Kimono or Yukata this Cherry Blossum Season.

Wearing a Kimono or Yukata (cotton kimono) is easy and we can outfit you quickly and you will be able to wear your kimono at the Sakura Matsuri.    Here are a few photos of our customers.  Please give us a call at 212-505-0232 if you are planning on stopping into our Soho New York City store. We are conveniently located at 131 Thompson Street, between Houston Street and Spring Streets. All the subway stations are a very short walk to us and there is on street parking as well as a parking garage close by.

Visit Kimono House in Soho, New York City to buy a Kimono for The Cherry Blossom Festival 212-505-0232