Kimono House is OPEN and we have gorgeous robes for lounging at home.

May 2, 2012   Kimono House is Open and if you stop by our Store in Manhattan, you can buy top quality kimonos and robes that we bring  to NYC from Japan.  Our Japanese fabrics and designs are of superior quality and offer the ultimate in luxurious lounge wear.

Cotton, Silk, Linen and blends of these fabrics are some of the types of fibers that are used to weave the fine cloth that Kimono and Yukata are made from.

From formal wear to lounge wear you can find the perfect robe at Kimono House.  We are easy to find as we are located in the trendy SoHo section of Manhattan. There are many subway stations that are just a few minutes' walk to our store.  If you are driving to visit us, there is parking on the street or at a parking lot on our street.  The SoHo area has many small boutiques and a huge number of restaurants that are top rated. Every type of cuisine can be found nearby our store within a few block radius of our Kimono Shop in New York so be sure to check out the rest of SoHo while you are visiting us.

Young girl wearing a Kimono with proud father 131 Thompson Street New York  10012  212-505-0232
cute young ladies wearing Yukata, Kimono in NY

Kimono worn by young lady at Kimono House in New York City
Cute as can be

Putting a casual kimono on girl
Spring is here

Kimono for school presentation, Father and Daughter
pretty girl and proud dad

Kimono on young lady
So cute!

Cute girl wearing a kimono from Kimono House NY