Grimes wearing our Kimono House NY kimono on the Jimmy Fallon Show

Grimes wearing Kimono House NY red kimono on the Jimmy Fallon Show

  Grimes wearing our Kimono House NY Kimono on  Jimmy Fallon Late Night

The Canadian music artist Grimes performed in a  rare beautiful vintage red silk kimono on her late night US television debut on " Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" last night.  The track performed was "Genesis".  She had two backing dancers on the set and the performance was aurally and visually fantastic!

The kimono itself also made news as it has already been reported throughout the web that Grimes wore a "formidable red kimono".

Here is a link to Grimes Late Night with Jimmy Fallon video if you would like to see the entire performance.   I think the red kimono was a great choice for her.

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