Japanese Buckwheat Hull Pillows at Kimono House NY

two Buckwheat Hull Japanese Pillows at Kimono House in New York City
 Buckwheat Hull Japanese Pillows from Kimono House NY 212-505-0232

We have really nice quality Japanese Pillows for resting your head and sleeping on.  Many people have found that sleeping with this type of pillow can help neck and back pain as well as provide for a very sound restful sleep.

These pillows are enclosed with  beautiful Japanese fabrics and are authentic buckwheat Japanese pillows.

Each pillow is filled with thousands of buckwheat hulls that gently cradle and conform to the contours of your head while sleeping.   There are 3 fabric layers, one to enclose the hulls,  a black slipcase and a colorful top cover.  They really are gorgeous and functional.

The pillows are smaller than the typical American size pillow, probably 1/2 to 1/3 the size.    This is all that is required for this amazing pillow.  Call Kimono House us at 212-505-0232 or stop by our store in Soho NY.

Kimono House is located at 131 Thompson Street, New York, NY 10012 We are conveniently located in SoHo between Houston and Prince Streets. Telephone 212-505-0232