Are you going to the Japanese Mitsuwa summer festival? We have authentic Japanese Kimonos, Japanese Robes and Japanese Yukata to wear.

The Mitsuwa market is having their festival again this year.  Visit Kimono House in Soho, NYC to buy authentic kimonos and robes. We have all the items you need including footwear, hair accessories, kimono, yukata, obi, tabi socks and much more!
Young lady wearing Yukata Kimono from Kimono House NY
Kawaii in Kimono and parasol from Kimono House NY 212-505-0232

Kimono Festival fun with Kimono House NY
Kimonos during festival time
Young woman in Japanese Kimono - Kimono House NY
Kawaii - cute!

Japanese Kimono, Kimono House NY
Festival kimono 
Boy's Japanese kimono robe from Kimono House NY
Boy wearing kimono from Kimono House NY

Men's Kimono robe from Kimono House NY
Getting outfitted for festival in kimono

Men and Women's Kimono from Kimono House NY
Couple in new kimono robes suitable for festival wear

Men's Kimono Yukata from Kimono House NY
Man in Yukata

Men's Kimono - Kimono House NY
Japanese summer outfit for men from Kimono House NY in Soho

Men's Yukata Kimono from Kimono House NY
Summer festival robe makes a great robe for home too.

Yukata for Man from Kimono House NY
Japanese robe on young guy

Women's Kimono from Kimono House NY showing Obi
Traditional Yukata Cotton Kimono on young woman showing obi

Little Girl wearing Japanese Kimono from Kimono House NY
Small girl in her new kimono

Girls in Japanese Kimono from Kimono House NY
two cute young ladies wearing kimono robes
Kimono House NY - Lady with Parasol in Kimono
Parasol protects from the sun on young woman in Kimono
Japanese Socks, Tabi and Japanese Sandals from Kimono House NY
Two Toe Socks from Japan with Japanese Sandals

Kimono House is located at 131 Thompson Street, New York, NY 10012 We are conveniently located in SoHo between Houston and Prince Streets. Telephone 212-505-0232