Wear Yukata Kimono To The Mitsuwa Summer Festival

This year on August 13, the Mitsuwa Marketplace will be hosting their annual Japanese summer festival. There will be a variety of food and events to enjoy. It's also a great chance to go out in yukata! Yukatas are kimonos made out of fine cotton which makes it comfortable and easy to wear outdoors in the summer heat. We also carry japanese shoes, getas, fans and other accessories that will complete your perfect summer look. We have a large selection of designs and sizes to choose from for men, women, and children, so the whole family can wear one!

woman wearing summer Yukata Kimono from Kimono House NYC Man wearing a indigo dyed yukata kimono.
Young child wearing a summer jimbe with a festival coat.Young women in traditional indigo yukata.

Not sure how to put one on? No problem! We provide dressing services by appointment, where we do all the dressing work for you.  If you would rather learn how to dress kimono by yourself, a dressing lesson can be scheduled as well.  Dressing appointments fill up rapidly so please schedule well in advance.

Remember there are different ways to wear it. You can make it traditional, girly, edgy or modern, whatever style works best for you!

Man wearing traditional jananpese pants hakama.

So please come by the store and take a look! 

We'll be happy to assist you!

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