Winter Kimonos Jackets, Robes, And More!

With the weather being chilly its time to layer up your outfits. 

Padded kimono jackets are ideal with the winter season. Think of them as a kimono version of a winter jacket. They are very soft and keep you cozy. They are wide enough to allow you to wear plenty of sweaters and jackets underneath without feeling too bulky. You can also wear it on it's own indoors.
If you prefer to keep your regular winter coat you can add a flannel kimono under it. Ditch the bulky sweater and cardigan and feel more at ease with it on. It's just as warm but not as thick. And if you don't want to wear it outside you also wear it as a great house robe for those cold winter nights we been having lately.

These are available for both men and women and come in plain and fun patterns. Multiple sizes are available.